5Elements Bellydance is a bellydance class & yoga practice all in one! It offers teachings in yogic philosophies as students are guided thru bellydance movements to unite mind/body/spirit &  harmonize the 5 natural elements inherent within us –   earth, air, fire, water & space.  5Elements Bellydance™ cultivates total body fitness, holistic well-being, feminine empowerment , energy awareness, personal development, & embodied wholeness all in a fun, supportive, creative environment! How amazing is that!

The holistic benefits of this practice are raved about by all who experience it!  Recreational dance enthusiasts discover a deeper connection with themselves & their love of dance, Professional dancers are able to deepen their artistry through this practice, yoga teachers are inspired to include flowing segments of improvised movement in their classes & fitness professionals say its the new yoga!


Student Testimonials 

Carrie Konyha is a very inspirational teacher.  I have found her 5Elements workshops to be most helpful in learning more about myself & to flow more with my dancing.   It really connects mind/body/spirit for me and its so much fun.  Carrie has so much to offer! -Karen, Phoenix, AZ 

“Your work is SO much more than dance —it is the healing, embodiment, and empowerment of the Divine Feminine in women” -Sally, Sedona,  AZ

“Dance as if no one is watching”! The essence of this quote is realized when dancing from one’s own “heart” as the 5Elements technique teaches us -to dance our own divine expressions! -Laurel, Village of Oak Creek, AZ